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5 lessons learnt whilst travelling…

Picture the scene you’re basking yourself in the sun on the top of the dive boat off the coast of Ibiza and a light breeze is making the experience even more enjoyable. The casual breeze offers some slight respite from the heat but then the breeze suddenly becomes a stronger…

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How I earn Avios points…

Earning and collecting Avios points has become a bit of an obsession of mine. It’s not too much effort and the reward of earning enough to pay for free travel speaks for itself. There are already some pretty comprehensive sites designed to help travellers earn as many reward points as…

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Travel in the age of Terror

With the hugely upsetting news breaking that the loss of the Egypt Air flight from Paris to Cairo is likely to be the result of a terrorist attack, questions again turn to the safety of travellers and holiday-makers in this age of terror. I know lots of people, friends and…

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Travel Blogger Problems

I wouldn’t really call myself a ‘travel blogger’, I am someone who writes occasionally and sporadicly about travel on this far flung galaxy at the outermost reaches of the internet. Even though I’m not what I would call a ‘travel blogger’ I do seem to still suffer from their greatest…

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